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2018 MAVA Tournaments

Date Tournament Name Age Group Registration Hotel Info Schedule/Results
Jan 5-6th, 2019 MAVA Kick Off 10-18 Reservations Schedule/Results
Feb 2-3rd, 2019 MAVA Winter Classic 10-18 Reservations Schedule/Results
Feb 23-24th, 2019 MAVA Club Challenge 10-18 Reservations Schedule/Results
April 13-14th, 2019 MAVA Fireworks Classic 10-18 Reservations Schedule/Results

2019 MidAmerica Sports Center Volleyball Tournaments

All of MidAmerica Sports Center's Volleyball Tournaments will be using Advanced Event Systems (AES) for its registration process and schedule.  AES is the tournament management website of choice for many national events throughout the country, including National Qualifiers and National Championships.

For questions regarding MidAmerica Sports Center's Volleyball Tournaments, please contact Patty Ernst at

There is to be absolutely NO OUTSIDE FOOD or DRINK allowed in MidAmerica Facilities for MAVA tournaments.
Only players water bottles allowed.

Folding Chairs
For safety purposes, the Fire Marshall has outlawed the use of folding chairs in the facility. Due to the fact that these folding chairs are blocking access into and out of the bleachers, they have been determined as a fire hazard. Bleacher seating is provided for spectator use.

There will be admission charged at the door of all facilities. The rate is $5.00 per Adult, $4.00 Senior Citizens, $3.00 Students, Free for children ages 7 and under.

Patty Ernst

MidAmerica Sports Center

Phone: (502) 736-0800 ext 100